Arab Spring in the Southland: Tunisia Calling

Free Tunisia founder Bechir Blagui
Free Tunisia founder Bechir Blagui
Grant Slater/KPCC

It has been nearly six months since a Tunisian street vendor set himself on fire in protest after a confrontation with police. His desperate act sparked a series of pro-democracy protests that have since engulfed the Middle East, driving masses into the streets and toppling governments.

Earlier this year, KPCC staff videographer Grant Slater began videotaping solidarity rallies held in Los Angeles by Middle Eastern immigrants in support of democratic reforms back home. This led him to a series of other stories, those of immigrants from six Arab countries watching these revolutions take place from 8,000 miles away. We’ll feature their stories this week in a five-day series, taking in the events of what has become known as the Arab Spring through their eyes.

"What would you do if your country was run by a tyrant?" - Free Tunisia founder Bechir Blagui

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