LAPD Chief Beck on early leak of Giants fan beating suspect's photo: 'The media's relentless in LA'

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Molly Peterson/KPCC

Police fliers have been circulating the city since the March 31 Dodger Stadium beating of Bryan Stow.

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck spoke with KPCC's Patt Morrison about the suspect in the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium, as well as the continuing investigation.

Beck says that the police didn't want suspect Giovanni Ramirez's photo to be released before the police had a chance to do a lineup with the suspect, but KTLA published a photo of Ramirez before the lineup. The LAPD contacted KTLA and asked them to take it down, which they did.

Beck explained what happened. "The media's relentless in L.A. They were able to get a copy of a photo through a law enforcement source, not the Los Angeles Police Department, and put it online." Beck says that he thinks the media generally does a good job, though, and that it's a mutually beneficial relationship between the media and police.

Ramirez is also named in a crime that occurred in Nevada, but Beck says they're still working out whether Nevada wants Ramirez back to try him for that crime.

Ramirez took two polygraph exams, one private and one through the police department. Those results won't be released, though, as they're inadmissible and would taint the jury pool in the case, according to Beck.

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