Mattel responds to Greenpeace Barbie protests, developing new toy packaging policy

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Molly Peterson/KPCC

Barbie, 2 Kens and 7 other people - all activists with Greenpeace - went to jail in El Segundo.

Several days after an attention-grabbing protest outside its headquarters, El-Segundo-based Mattel corporation has announced it will develop a policy on the way it packages its toys.

Environmentalists demanded that Mattel change the source of the paper it uses to package Barbie dolls. Forests in Indonesia, where the company had gotten its paper, are widely considered to be good sources for capturing carbon and protecting regional biodiversity.

Mattel officials first said the company would investigate its supply chain and stop buying supplies from the conglomerate Asia Pulp and Paper. Now the company will develop a policy that takes into account the effects of its demands for paper on forestry in Asia.

Greenpeace activists are campaigning against toy manufacturers' packaging standards for toys including Barbie dolls. They say Mattel, the world's largest toy maker, should do a better job of monitoring the sources of the materials it uses for toys and other products.

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