LA Metro bus passengers get thrown for a loop with route changes

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Corey Moore/KPCC

Los Angeles County commuters rush to board the 704 bus at L.A. Union Station. The Metro bus line is one of those affected by cuts and reductions that took effect yesterday.

Many Los Angeles County public bus commuters are adjusting to some schedule changes along their routes. Service cuts and reductions on several Metro bus lines took effect yesterday. At Union Station this morning, some riders didn’t know where to board the buses they usually take.

Teacher assistant Horacio Chavez, 29, was one of them. He takes line 728 every day from downtown L.A. to Koreatown.

“Chavez and Vignes or whatever it is right here," Chavez said as he pointed in the direction of his old bus stop. "I saw that it was posted up that they had changed the actual stop so I had to come over here instead.”

Now, Chavez has to catch his bus from L.A. Union Station. He says he was a little confused, but he and most other commuters managed to figure out the new schedules.

Metro officials say the agency imposed cuts on duplicate or redundant routes to keep from piling up huge deficits. The transit authority has posted schedule changes online at

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