California Democrats, Brown craft budget on partisan lines

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California Gov. Jerry Brown stands next to a chart that shows dollar amounts in the millions that were cut from the State's budget.

Democrats in the state legislature have hashed out a budget agreement with Governor Brown to close the state’s remaining $9.5 billion dollar deficit. Republican leaders were not involved in the talks about the plan.

The budget Democrats crafted – first reported by the Sacramento Bee - could pass on a simple majority vote.

The plan relies on $4 billion more in state revenue than had been projected for the next fiscal year. If the money doesn’t materialize, that would trigger a set of cuts to education, law enforcement and health and welfare programs.

The state budget blueprint also diverts one percent of statewide sales tax to counties to pay for a major shift of services from state to county government.

A key provision of the plan would shift low-level offenders to county jails. The legislature’s already enacted that inmate realignment plan, but it won’t take effect unless the state provides a permanent funding source.

A vote on the budget plan could take place within a day.

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