Lawyer for Maxine Waters wants ethics charges dropped

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File photo: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) holds a news conference on Aug. 13, 2010 in Washington, D.C., to challenge the charges made against her by the House of Representatives ethics committee.

The lawyer representing Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is asking the House Ethics Committee to dismiss all charges against his client, citing leaked emails from former committee staffers that prove what he calls “misconduct.” The Committee is scheduled to meet, presumably on the Waters case, tonight.

The letter is addressed to the Chairman of the House Ethics Committee, Republican Jo Bonner of Alabama and the committee’s top Democrat, Linda Sanchez of Lakewood. Attorney Stan Brand cites emails leaked to Politico, saying any further action by the committee would be “irremediably tainted and without legal foundation.”

Maxine Waters is accused of using her political influence to help a minority-owned bank in which her husband owned stock. The emails accuse two committee staff attorneys of leaking information about the case to Bonner.

Waters' attorney says the leaked emails indicate “evidence of bias” against his client and misconduct is so improper, “it cannot be cured, even by hiring an outside counsel.” He asks that the charges be dismissed, since this committee “can never conduct an impartial and unbiased inquiry into this matter.”

There was no comment from the Ethics Committee.

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