Pacific Standard Time series highlights LA, Chicano art

Mercer 19690

José Clemente Orozco

(Prometheus, 1930) An image from a Pacific Standard Time exhibition, MEX/LA at the Museum of Latin American Art.

Many of the 70 art exhibits that open in October as part of the Getty's region-wide series on Southland art history will focus on contributions from contemporary Chicano artists. Organizers unveiled the list at the Autry museum Wednesday night.

Curators organized " Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A., 1945–1980" to ensure that the history of Southern California’s contemporary artists won’t be lost to time, said Getty Trust president Deborah Marrow.

This series is the result of a Getty Research Institute initiative that began in 2002 and cost over $10 million in grants. The art series focuses on post World War II art in L.A., and is the largest collaboration ever by cultural institutions in the region, said a statement from the Getty Trust.

Pacific Standard Time will include a range of artwork from modernist architecture and design, to video art, the films of the African-American L.A. Rebellion and the feminist art of the Women’s Building.

Exhibitions will also highlight developments in L.A. Pop and post-minimalism, and the contributions of L.A.’s Mexican American and Chicano artists.

Many Chicano artists who got their start 40 years ago have long complained that L.A.’s large arts institutions have excluded them. Several who organized the art shows and attended the announcement Thursday said Latino contributions to art are too vast for institutions to ignore.

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