Homeless in San Bernardino County up 66 percent

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Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

A homeless person in downtown Los Angeles.

More homeless people live in San Bernardino County now than two years ago. A new survey indicates a 66 percent increase during that time.

The San Bernardino County Homeless Partnership counted about 1,700 homeless people two years ago. More than 2,800 people were counted this year.

The surveys are conducted every other year, over a two-day period. The census helps determine how much federal aid the county receives for homeless services.

The data show more military veterans and single fathers with children are winding up on the streets. The majority of those surveyed said they’d been homeless for at least one year.

San Bernardino County board supervisor Josie Gonzales says the increase reflects continuing economic hardship in the region.

County officials say it’s impossible to get a comprehensive count of homeless residents. But they say the updated information will help determine where services can best be directed.

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