Long Beach responds to 3 recent assaults on gay men

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Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster spoke to about 200 people gathered Thursday evening not far from where three alleged violent assaults against gay men have taken place in the last two weeks. One of the incidents is being investigated as a hate crime. Long Beach police are looking into whether homophobia drove the other two incidents.

Police in Long Beach are looking into three recent assaults on gay men. Each happened in or near the city’s Broadway Corridor, known for its tight-knit gay and lesbian community.

Police say a suspect in one of the cases has already been charged with a hate crime. The other cases are still under investigation.

Long Beach City Councilman Robert Garcia says the community is outraged. “I think the community is united and making sure that these people are not welcomed in our city, and that if they do something like this then they’ll be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

Garcia and an advocacy group will hold a Unity Gathering today at 6 p.m. at the Hot Java Coffee House in Long Beach.

Audio: Long Beach City Councilman Robert Garcia spoke to KPCC’s Steve Julian and described what the area is like.

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