Metro introduces more user-friendly day, week and monthly passes

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Starting Monday, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority will make it easier for its passengers riders to buy weekly and monthly passes.

It used to be an exercise in timing: Metro would sell weekly and monthly passes using a calendar-based model. Say you wanted a weekly pass, you'd have to buy it on a Monday in order to get the full seven days. The same for monthly fares: You'd only get the whole month if you purchased your pass on the first. Bought it later on? Too bad. It's still full price.

Now, a monthly pass gets you a full month of train and bus rides, and a weekly gets you seven days.

Metro hopes the new policy will both increase ridership and encourage passengers to embrace Metro’s fledging TAP card system, which was introduced in 2007 to streamline ticketing.

Earlier this month, Metro dropped the price of day passes from $6 to $5 for certain riders. But if you want the cheaper fare, you’ll have to buy a TAP card.