California state colleges ready for another round of budget cuts

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Students walk near Sather Gate on the University of California at Berkeley campus.

California’s public universities and colleges could be in for another round of budget cuts if the economy doesn’t pick up.

If state revenues fall below projections, that could trigger automatic state cuts to both education and social services in California. So in preparation for that contingency, the chancellors of the Cal State system and California community colleges say they’re making plans to cope with midyear reductions in state funding.

Each system could lose another $100 million if that comes to pass. In the current state budget CSU, with 23 campuses, lost $65 million, while the 112-campus community colleges saw a loss of $400 million.

Both chancellors say additional cuts this year would result in fewer courses, larger classes, scrapped summer sessions and, of course, even higher fees.

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