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Hacker gets six years for sexual cyber terrorism

A web cam perched on top of a computer.
A web cam perched on top of a computer.
Magan Crane/AFP/Getty Images

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A California computer hacker has been sentenced to six years in prison for hacking into women and teen age girl's computers to obtain sexually illicit photos.

Los Angeles U.S. District Judge George King said Thursday that the crimes by the 32-year-old Luis Mijangos inflicted great emotional distress on the women he targeted. King called the defendant's crimes a form cyber terrorism.

Mijangos pleaded guilty to one count each of computer hacking and wiretapping in March 2011. He faced a maximum 10-year sentence.

Authorities say Mijangos sent a virus to more than 100 computers and was able to read victims' emails, watch them through their webcams and trick them into taking nude photos by posing as their boyfriends.

Investigators say Mijangos followed through on his threat in at least one instance by posting naked pictures of one of his victims online.