Cal State San Bernardino prof Steve Kinzey wanted for allegedly leading drug ring

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Cal State University San Bernardino

Dr. Steve Kinzey is suspected of leading the Devil's Disciples, a motorcycle club that is alleged to have been involved with drug dealing across the Inland Empire.

Authorities in San Bernardino County have launched a nationwide manhunt for a Cal State San Bernardino professor suspected of leading a motorcycle gang that dealt drugs across the Inland region.

Prosecutors claim that Steve Kinzey allegedly operated a methamphetamine ring from his home in Highland. Kinzey teaches associate professor of kinesiology — the science of human movement — at Cal State San Bernardino. Authorities say he also leads an Inland chapter of the Devil’s Disciples Motorcycle Club. Investigators discovered meth, firearms, gang paraphernalia and cash at Kinzey's home.

“This investigation came to an end when we were able to intercept over a 1-pound delivery to Mr. Kinzey’s home," said San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops. “And then intercept several of the mid-level dealers who were arriving to pick-up their supplies. We are currently still looking for Mr. Kinsey who is outstanding. He knows he is wanted and has refused to turn himself in at this time.”

Detectives say Kinzey’s girlfriend helped him distribute meth to dealers in the San Bernardino area. The bust followed a six-month investigation of the Devil's Disciples; Hoops describes them as a criminal gang.

“The outlaw groups such as this group here, Hell’s Angels, Vagos, Mongols and so on they operate on the outskirts of what society believes which is evidenced by the F.T.W patch on their cut. ... The T and W are The World. I’m sure what you can figure out what the F is," he said.

Law enforcement arrested several other people in connection with the alleged drug ring.

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