McCourt gets $1.2 billion offer to sell the Dodgers

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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt at a news conference at Dodger Stadium.

There’s been a lot of talk that somebody should buy out bankrupt Dodger owner Frank McCourt. Now there’s money behind that talk. A group of American and Chinese investors is offering more than a billion dollars for the Boys in Blue.

Here’s the deal outlined on the Los Angeles Times website: a group that gets some of its cash from what are described as “state-owned” Chinese institutions is putting up $1.2 billion for the Dodgers. That’s more money than anyone has ever offered for a Major League Baseball team. Bill Burke, the founder of the L.A. Marathon, leads the group.

The L.A. Times says Dodger owner Frank McCourt got the offer on Tuesday. He hasn’t responded yet, and for good reason — he’s got a lot to consider.

You know about the Dodgers’ bankruptcy, McCourt’s divorce and his longshot hope of keeping the Dodgers by auctioning off their TV rights. Those rights could bring in a billion dollars — but only if there’s an auction. That’s up to a bankruptcy judge.

Another judge, the one who’s hearing his divorce case, could order McCourt to sell the team. But Frank McCourt doesn’t have to wait for that. He could sell now — and now he knows what he could get.

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