City buildings lit blue for prostate cancer awareness

Many of L.A.'s landmarks are turning blue this week. L.A. City Hall, the Capitol Records building, and others will be flooded with blue light as part of a Prostate Cancer Awareness Month campaign.

Dan Zenka, an employee of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, was diagnosed with the disease over a year ago. Since then he started a blog to create a forum for men looking for help with their disease. He says many men are reluctant to openly discuss prostate cancer.

"If a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer they're online doing research, they're on the phone with their contacts, they're seeking out other women who have gone through the same experience," he said. "Men tend to want to take control, say 'I can get this, do this alone, I can solve this and move on with my life.'"

Zenka believes the foundation's outreach work is changing that, and also says he feels hopeful for the cause because prostate cancer research is progressing rapidly.