Cal State San Bernardino professor Steve Kinzey pleads not guilty to gang, drug charges

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Cal State University San Bernardino

Dr. Steve Kinzey is suspected of leading the Devil's Disciples, a motorcycle club that is alleged to have been involved with drug dealing across the Inland Empire.

A Cal State San Bernardino professor suspected of operating a methamphetamine ring out of his home, made his first court appearance Friday after eluding authorities for weeks. He pleaded not guilty to drug and gang charges.

Prosecutors allege that Steve Kinzey ran a methamphetamine ring, possibly with members of the Devil’s Diciples Motorcycle Club. Kinzey teaches kinesiology at Cal State San Bernardino and, authorities say, acts as president for the local Diciples chapter.

Authorities raided his home in Highland earlier this month. They found meth, firearms and cash – but not Kinzey. The Cal State associate professor apparently went on the lamb and authorities launched a nationwide manhunt.

Earlier this month, Kinzey managed to post a $300,000 bond without turning himself in. But Kinsey did show up for his arraignment. He pleaded not guilty to a range of felony drug charges and other charges stemming from his membership in the Diciples.

Prosecutors accuse Kinzey of supplying meth to a group of mid-level dealers across the San Bernardino Valley. Because he posted bail before he could even be arrested, Kinzey was ordered to be booked, photographed and fingerprinted.

His father testified Friday that he provided a portion the $300,000 bond and that the money was not associated with his son.

A judge set an Oct. 27 hearing to consider prosecutors' request to raise Kinzey's bond to $425,000.

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