Family files claim against LA County in jail inmate's death

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The family of an 18-year-old who died in L.A. County jail last week is filing a claim against the county. The family says sheriff’s deputies in the jail used excessive force to subdue Jorge Rosales, and then didn’t get him adequate treatment.

The Rosales family turned out in front of downtown L.A.'s Twin Towers jail Wednesday holding big photos of 18-year-old Jorge. Sheriff’s officials say Rosales tried to break away and ran toward an elevator in the Twin Towers facility. They say that’s when a deputy punched him in the face. They also say Rosales received proper medical care.

"What the family knows so far is that he was beat, he was hit in the head by a deputy. He calls his mama. He was complaining that his head was hurting. His mama asked him are they giving you medicine, have you seen a doctor. No. He was not receiving medications. He had not seen a doctor. And then a day or two later, they find him unconscious. He's dead within an hour after they found him," said Luis Carrillo, who is representing the family.

Carrillo says Rosales was housed in the jail treatment center. It holds 1,400 inmates, many with mental health problems, and has been described as the biggest mental health facility in the country.

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