This weekend in Occupy protests

Occupy Los Angeles protesters look at cyclist streaming past from their vantage point on the steps of City Hall.
Occupy Los Angeles protesters look at cyclist streaming past from their vantage point on the steps of City Hall.
Grant Slater/KPCC

Occupy LA protesters marched through downtown today, and they were joined by protesters mounting similar protests in different locales all over Southern California, the nation and world in an action some dubbed "Occupy The Globe."

Hundreds of people shouted slogans and waved signs under sunny skies Saturday, decrying the role that big banks played in the nation's financial crisis.

Organizers of the global protests said there would be demonstrations in 951 cities in 82 countries. Organizers say they're demanding change and to let politicians and the financial elite know it's up to the people to decide the future.

The L.A. marchers gathered at Pershing Square and moved south through the city's financial district, carrying placards reading "We Are the 99%," ''Bail Out People, Not Wall Street" and "Get Money Out of Politics."

Most of the protesters returned to an Occupy Wall Street encampment that's been set up outside City Hall for nearly two weeks. A second anti-greed protest, organized by the progressive group MoveOn, is expected to take place later Saturday.

About 250 tents have been up on the lawn around L.A. City Hall for days now. Annie Nee turned joined the Occupy LA campsite for the first time Friday afternoon with her three small children. She says her family was affected directly by the home mortgage crisis.

"I’m actually a renter and our landlord’s home is in foreclosure and she’s actually declared bankruptcy so we’re in a place right now where we don’t know how long we’ll be there," she said. "I know so many people whose homes are in jeopardy."

Further south, the Occupy San Diego movement is making a new appeal today — money to bail out two protesters who were arrested Friday. Two men — a 21-year-old and a 39-year-old — were arrested for attempting to block police from removing tents and other structures from City Hall plaza where the protesters had been encamped.

Occupy North County Occupy Orange County and were also planning and carrying out protests today.

In Rome on Saturday, clashes between Occupy protesters and police resulted in over 70 injuries. In New York City, which gave birth to the nascent movement, protesters marched through Times Square.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press is wondering in a story whether the protests can maintain momentum without a clear leader.

NPR, AP, and KPCC's Shirley Jahad contributed reporting.