LA Federal Court allows sugar-makers' lawsuit against corn industry to advance

Mercer 5587

Center for Consumer Freedom

A recent ad campaign by the Center for Consumer Freedom attempted to draw attention to what the organization sees as "syrupy" logic behind efforts to tie corn syrup to childhood obesity.

A federal appeals court in Los Angeles says a lawsuit can go forward that charges the corn industry with false advertising for its use of the term 'corn sugar'.

The battle of words is between two big industries: Sugar makers brought the lawsuit that has left the corn industry salty.

The Western Sugar Cooperative says it is false and misleading for corn refiners to use the term ‘corn sugar’ when talking about high fructose corn syrup.

Corn refiners have been using the term 'corn sugar' for the ingredient that's in soda pop and a lot of processed foods, but many experts argue that the term is misleading, and cite high fructose corn syrup as a contributor to the nation’s obesity epidemic.

A representative of the corn industry says sugar makers should compete in the marketplace instead of the courtroom.

The Food and Drug Administration has yet to decide whether to allow the term.

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