Arcadia High officials say attendance down after lockdown

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Arcadia High School officials report about twice as many students than usual are absent Wednesday following Tuesday's campuswide lockdown. Police on campus are investigating the cause of the lockdown — a non-specific death threat note.

As students and staff remained behind locked doors, many parents expressed frustration until school let out. Some criticize school administrators for not providing more information about their kids’ safety.

Arcadia Unified superintendent Joel Shawn says the district blasted messages to parents so they’d know about the lockdown and when and where their kids would be released.

“When we go on lockdown, we don’t answer the phone," Shawn said. "That’s part of the procedure, is we’re busy taking care of the situation there, and particularly in a situation like this there would be no information we could give parents except that we’re on lockdown, which is what they already had.”

Shawn says the "blasts" included recorded messages and emails to parents’ home, work and cell phones, based on students’ emergency contact information. He says school administrators hope to resume “business as usual,” conducting classes while maintaining vigilance.

Police haven’t arrested anyone in connection with the threat, but they say they’ve assigned about a half dozen cops to roam the campus as they continue an investigation.

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