Hundreds march, withdraw funds on 'Bank Transfer Day'

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Hundreds of protestors rallied and marched through Downtown Los Angeles' financial district to City Hall Saturday for Bank Transfer Day. Occupy L.A. protestors organized the event to demand accountability from some of the nation’s top banks.

Before marching to City Hall, the protestors split into three groups to close their bank accounts. One group walked to Chase, a second to Wells Fargo and a third to Bank of America.

Dana Hohn of North Hollywood said he’s fed up with his bank and is considering his credit union options. He pulled $5,000 out of Bank of America and closed the account he's had for a quarter of a century.

“They tried to talk me out of it," said Hohn. "They said ‘What could we do to make you stay? ‘ and I said ‘nothing.’ And then they charged me ten bucks to close my account. I told them the bank bailout was the big straw and the debit card fee was the last straw. And they said ‘oh, well we’re not doing the debit card fee’ and I said it doesn’t matter.”

Protesters marched to City Hall carrying signs saying “we are the 99 percent.” At the rally, they listened to panel speakers and music performances.

LAPD captain Tom McDonald said organizers had a permit and officers reported no problems or arrests.

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