Update: UC Davis chancellor bats down calls for resignation

UC Davis video

YouTube screenshot from asucd video

Police at the University of California, Davis campus use pepper spray on a group of protesters as they attempt to clear an Occupy encampment from the school.

A controversial video taken at UC Davis on Friday has been drawing condemnation and sparked an internal campus investigtion. The video shows police using pepper spray at close range to disperse a group of Occupy protesters who appear to be seated passively on the ground with arms locked.

The video, posted on YouTube was taken as police moved in on more than a dozen tents set up on the campus quad.

The officer displays a bottle before spraying its contents on the seated protesters in a sweeping motion. Some members of the crowd scream and cry out. The group chants, "Shame on You," as the protesters on the ground are led away.

In a message to the campus, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi said Saturday the college will be forming a task force comprised of faculty, students and staff to review the protests and police response. Katehi called the video "chilling."

UC Davis Police Chief Annette Spicuzza told the Sacramento Bee that police used the pepper spray after they were surrounded and said protesters were warned beforehand.

UPDATE: University of California, Davis, Chancellor Linda Katehi says she's not resigning as outrage spreads over a cellphone video showing Occupy Wall Street protesters being pepper sprayed during an on campus demonstration.

The Davis Faculty Association in a letter Saturday said that Katehi should resign, calling her authorization of police force during the Friday protest a "gross failure of leadership."

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