Activists await LA's next move on Occupy camp

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Pam Noles of South Los Angeles says she’s stayed at the Occupy tent city for three weeks and she plans on sticking it out.

Occupy Los Angeles activists say it was a quiet day at their encampment Thursday, but they expect the city or police to soon order them off the lawn at City Hall. Notices have started going up telling people not to stay overnight.

The City of L.A. announced Wednesday that it wants the activists camped in tents to leave the City Hall lawn as soon as next week. Many Occupiers say they have no intention of leaving.

About 500 tents remain just beyond the steps of Los Angeles City Hall as part of the Occupy L.A. protests. The settlement began more than two months ago.

One of those tents belongs to Carlos Marrorquin of Los Angeles, an advocate for people who’ve lost their homes to foreclosure.

“The tents represent millions of Americans that feel displaced and feel hopeless," Marrorquin said. "This is why we’re here. The City of Los Angeles could be an example of how democracy really works and that they listen to the people.”

Marrorquin says he has no plans to leave the tent city regardless of what the city orders.

“I’m here for the duration of this movement until the real changes come in," he said. "Until I stop seeing these illegal foreclosures taking place. Now, as far as everybody else, many of these people are prepared to stay here and they’re prepared to act in civil disobedience to anything that may come against them because they feel that they have a cause.”

Pam Noles of South Los Angeles says she’s stayed at the Occupy tent city for three weeks, and she plans on sticking it out.

“People are concerned about the notice that was given by the city about the potential — their intention — to close the camp next week," she said. "We haven’t heard of anything, but we’re always open for listening to whatever proposals the city has to make towards us here at Occupy L.A.”

It’s one of the last “big city” Occupy protests still intact, after police in Oakland, New York and other places drove out similar encampments. City officials have pledged to give Occupiers ample notice before removing the tents.

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