Occupy LA protesters vow to stay put

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Occupy LA protesters have at long last issued theirfirst official statement to the city of Los Angeles, rejecting the city's purported offer for space away from City Hall and vowing to stay camped out on the building's lawn regardless of any "cut off" date.

The statement came right before a news conference to be held by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, along with Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, at 4 pm on Friday.

Protester Ruth Fowler told the Los Angeles Times that the statement was written collaboratively by "several hundred protesters" and was "approved with 100 percent consensus" during a nightly general assembly meeting, according to protester Ruth Fowler. The protesters plan to read it aloud at Tuesday’s Los Angeles City Council meeting.

Protesters have titled their response "Para Todos Todo, Para Nosotros Nada: For Everyone, Everything, For Us, Nothing."

"The City Council – in line with government in general – is an authority which is more accountable to developers and corporations than the public," the statement accused. "We will continue to occupy this space, in solidarity with our global movement, until the forces of the few are forced to capitulate to the power of the people."

The rejected offer-- a proposal given Monday by the city to provide work space for $1 a year-- had already been rescinded by the city itself.

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