Burning Man adopts two-tiered ticketing system

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A man wearing an animal mask glances at the camera during the15th annual Burning Man festival September 2, 2000 in the Black Rock Desert near Gerlach, Nevada.

The annual desert encampment known as Burning Man is offering a new ticketing system starting Monday.

Every summer, the creative, the committed and the curious construct a temporary city in the Black Rock Desert about 125 miles east of Reno, Nevada.

Organizers call Burning Man an exercise in radical self-sufficiency and expression. It’s become an increasingly popular exercise in collective living – at least for a few days – without cash, conventional cars or many comforts of home.

That popularity is the reason Burning Man has established a two-tiered system for ticket access. The first will offer 3,000 pre-sale tickets for $420 each. Registration begins Monday for tickets on sale through December 11th.

A second lottery for 40,000 tickets – priced from $240 to $390 each – will take place in January and February.

The event’s website tries to address concerns that this system contradicts the Burning Man principle of inclusion for all. saying: “An event that might sell out and can't accept all who want to participate is already in conflict with such a principle to some degree.”

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