Power still out for hundreds of thousands of Southern Californians following winds

Justin Robertson

A downed power line at Woodbury & El Molino in Altadena.

Grant Slater/KPCC

Madeline Tao, 5, and Connor Tao, 7, enjoy the day off from school in Pasadena by using a downed tree in a neighbor's lawn as a jungle gym. Schools in South Pasadena will remain closed until Monday.

A Makarzec

Santa Ana winds tear through a McDonald's sign in Arcadia.

Santa Ana winds damage San Gabriel Mission monument

Friar Tony Diaz

San Gabriel Mission's Old Mission Garden suffered damage from a fallen eucalyptus branch after Santa Ana winds tore through the city. The branch fell on top of the monument in the mission's garden that was erected in 1935, knocking statues over and wrecking the piece. A broken statue of Jesus is seen dangling from what remains of a wooden crucifix.

Santa Ana winds damage Green St.

Yessenia Toscano

A tall tree completely blocks traffic on Green St., Pasadena, Calif. This road is among many laden with trees and other debris in the aftermath of Santa Ana winds Wednesday evening.

A car in South Pasadena, crushed by a falling tree

Kevin Ferguson/KPCC

A car in South Pasadena, crushed by a falling tree from last night's winds

Sanden Totten/KPCC

A massive tree toppled on Shell Gas station in Pasadena, collapsing the structure.

Grant Slater/KPCC

Workers from Clear Channel Outdoor work to clear a sign that had been blown off a building in downtown Pasadena.

Atwater damage

Alex Cohen/KPCC

A downed tree damaged three cars and ripped up pavement on Glenhurst Ave in Atwater Village, Calif. Neighbors said it was diseased, and they had been calling the city for years to get it removed, to no avail.

Lake Ave. Traffic light

Jessica Zlotnicki

A Lake Ave. traffic light and street sign cracked under the force of Santa Ana gusts last night, which hit some Los Angeles County areas with speeds of up to 60 mph.

Wind storm causes car crash in East Hollywood

Tony Pierce/KPCC

The Santa Ana winds uprooted trees, which caused traffic lights to go out, resulting in this car accident on Virgil Ave. and Lexington near Silver Lake, Calif.

Christmas trees knocked down by winds

Valerie Campbell

Christmas trees for purchase are left toppled after Santa Ana winds, on Glen Oaks Blvd., Glendale, Calif.

Some of the most powerful Santa Ana winds in years ripped through Southern California Wednesday night, with more Thursday and more strong winds expected over the weekend. Hundreds of thousands of people lost power. Read our updates posted as the story broke.

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