Occupy LA plans to take camp to foreclosed homes

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28015 full

The demonstrators of Occupy L.A. are taking their protests beyond the lawn of Los Angeles City Hall. Beginning Tuesday, some of them plan to go into neighborhoods where families face foreclosure.

In cities across the country, activists plan coordinated protests in what they call “Occupy Our Homes.” They say they want to stop banks from foreclosing on properties where people are trying to make payments.

“There are home owners all over the country that are going to be occupying or reoccupying their homes,“ says Peter Kuhns, one of the organizers in L.A.

“There are some families that are prepared to move back into their homes that have been sitting vacant for months, foreclosed and bank-owned.”

One family in Southgate refuses to leave their home despite eviction notices. Another family in the Inland Empire plans to move back in after foreclosure proceedings displaced it from the house.

Occupy L.A. demonstrators and housing activists say they plan to visit each location, arguing that Americans bailed out major financial institutions that failed to help borrowers in their time of need. Various mortgage lenders have disputed this claim, saying they’ve worked to renegotiate hundreds of thousands of home loans.

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