Saving water good for environment and pocketbooks

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28960 full

Saving water is pretty important to Southern California’s environment - but it turns out that doing what it takes to save that water is pretty important to the economy, too.

That’s the conclusion of a new report from the L.A.-based Economic Roundtable.

The Economic Roundtable examined local projects that conserve water – from capturing stormwater runoff to reusing household “graywater” to reducing water waste.

It’s tough not to drown in the flood of statistics in the Roundtable’s 138-page report on the value of those water conservation projects. But those brave enough to dive into the flood will find that every million dollars invested in some kind of water conservation project generates almost two-million dollars in sales.

Those sales support jobs – from environmental designers to construction workers to clerical staff to groundskeepers. If the investment is targeted right, the Economic Roundtable says those jobs can be – and should be - local jobs. Oh…and cities also save a lot of water in the process. That’s good for the environment and the economy, too.

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