Yesterday it was tubas, today it's goats

Malingering/Flickr/Creative Commons

Stock photo of a goat herd. Goats were stolen from Norte Vista High School on Sunday.

On Monday morning, the L.A. Times reported about a spate of tuba thefts from some L.A. County high school marching bands. Now the Riverside Press-Enterprise is reporting on the theft of goats from Norte Vista High School's farm.

Seven goats have been stolen, including Mr. Goatee, Freckles and Sweetheart. Goats have been stolen before, but not so many at once. The theft occurred at about 11 p.m. Sunday, when, according to some former students, the goats were seen being loaded into a tan or gold SUV towing a trailer.

The goats were part of the Future Farmers of America student leadership program, and some students had taken out loans to be able to pay for their feed and other necessities. The tubas were expensive, too.

Teachers at the school asked anyone with information to call Riverside police at 951-787-7911, the Press-Enterprise reported.

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