Off-duty LA sheriff's deputy slams into Starbucks, killing Iraq War veteran

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An Iraqi war veteran was killed and two others injured at a Ventura County Starbucks Tuesday by an off-duty Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy who crashed his vehicle into the coffee shop.

The accident happened just after 7 in the evening, when off-duty Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Michael Cedarland of Pasadena veered 70 yards across traffic and through a parking lot before crashing his Chevy Tahoe into the Ventura Street Starbucks coffee shop in Fillmore.

Ventura County Sheriff Captain Mike Aranda says Cedarland's SUV pinned 30-year-old National Guardsman and former Marine, Sergio Mendez of Fillmore, against the front door frame of the store, causing him fatal internal injuries.

Aranda says Cedarland's SUV crossed two lanes of opposing traffic, jumped two curbs; went through the parking lot between two palm trees; into a side wall of the Starbucks and through the lobby to the front door. Aranda says Cedarland, a 7-year-veteran of the force, did not appear under the influence of alcohol and was not arrested.

"By his own admission he said that he feel asleep at the wheel," Aranda said. "That's all we have at this point unless the toxicology reports come back to say something different."

Two other Starbucks patrons also were injured. They were treated and released from the hospital.

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