Charles Phoenix's 5 days of Christmas: Launching a Streit's gingerbread house

Charles Phoenix gingerbread house

KCET/ LA County

Gingerbread house decorating is a popular festivity during the holiday season. Charles Phoenix took the craft to a new level by making it fly.

Many people tackle some tasty interior decorating on a gingerbread house during the holidays. But what do you do with the sugary residence once Christmas is over? This year, reporter Charles Phoenix made his fly.

It all started with a yuletide trip to Downey, where Phoenix stopped at the Streit German Bakery to learn how to make gingerbread. A Christmas confectioneer and baker since 1959, owner "Oscar Streit is the gingerbread go-to man," according to Phoenix.

Phoenix wasn't satisfied to let Streit's gingerbread house be, however. He had higher ambitions for it.

"It was great, wonderful ... and very in the realm of holiday tradition," says Phoneix. "But I thought, 'That's not enough.' Something had to happen with the gingerbread house."

After deciding against exploding his pastry creation, Phoenix devised a more fitting end to his creation – flying it away with a big bunch of balloons.

Not so happily ever afterward

Sadly, though the video shows the house flying away "happily ever after," Phoenix said it met a very different fate off-camera.

"The gingerbread house killed itself. It jumped. About 650 feet in the air, the gingerbread house jumped, and the balloons kept going," he said.

This is the second in a series of alternative holiday observances Phoenix filmed as part of the L.A. County Arts Holiday Celebration. The videos are to be released Christmas Eve, but he decided to give KPCC a sneak preview this week. Check back each day for a new video and a behind-the-scenes interview with KPCC's Alex Cohen.

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