Heimlich Maneuver added to Ducks' playbook as Oregon star saves choking 'Beef Bowl' diner

Mark Asper

Associated Press

Oregon guard Mark Asper speaks to the press after saving a choking man at Lawry's steak house on Restaurant Row in Beverly Hills.

Mark Asper, the 6-foot-7, 325-pound offensive lineman for the Oregon Ducks is used to protecting his quarterback. Wednesday he saved a choking television writer at a Beverly Hills steak house.

Asper was at Lawry's Prime Rib on Restaurant Row for the annual Beef Bowl where the two teams squaring off at the Rose Bowl game enjoy a steak dinner when he noticed a man choking.

“I was sitting enjoying dinner and the people at the table in front of us starting stirring in commotion and they stood up and the gentleman — I didn’t catch his name — was giving the universal ‘Help me, I’m choking!’ symbol,” Asper told reporters.

The Eagle Scout rushed to the aid of Paul Diamond, the father of an University of Oregon senior, giving his prime ribs a "test heave" before full-force dislodging the beef, according The Register-Guard.

Diamond, a veteran TV writer for Married ... With Children and Miami Vice, was grateful, but downplayed the incident describing it as "not a big deal," notes the LA Weekly.

Oregon faces the University of Wisconsin on Monday for the 98th Rose Bowl game in Pasadena. Typically the game is played on New Year's day but when the holiday falls on a Sunday the game is played on a Monday - a Pasadena tradition.


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