M is for Mitt Romney wants to fix the budget by adding ads to 'Sesame Street'

Mercer 11027

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It ain't easy savin' green. Mitt Romney sees a future that includes advertisements on 'Sesame Street.'

Republican presidential candidate Mitt "Corporations Are People, M' Friend" Romney put forth a budget balancing plan in Iowa on Wednesday that targets public funding for the arts, and to aims put advertisements on PBS.

At the deli-based town hall meeting, Romney told supporters he would serve up a plate of killing PBS subsidies, but assured attendees "we're not going to kill Big Bird.“

Romney continued, "I like PBS...We subsidize PBS. Look, I’m going to stop that. I’m going to say PBS is going to have to have advertisements.”

The front-running candidate who leads Texas congressman Ron Paul by a mere 3 points in a recent CNN/Time poll among likely Iowa voters, also said he would cut funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.


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