Sidewalk washer stops alleged arsonist after fires are set in Hollywood

Hollywood arson suspect


A 22 year old man was arrested on suspicion of arson after several fires were set Thursday morning in Hollywood.

A 22-year old man was arrested early Thursday morning in Hollywood after allegedly setting fire to an underground garage containing several cars. More damage would have been likely if not for the handiwork of a sidewalk washer who detained the suspect until police arrived.

KTLA is reporting that Samuel Arrington of Sunland, was charged with arson for a spate of fires that were apparently set within 15 minutes of each other.

Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Rick McClure told City News Service the underground garage fire on North Fuller Avenue near Sunset started in one car and spread to three others, as well as the first floor of the building before it was contained around 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

Pedro Mejia, who was cleaning the sidewalk with a mobile pressure washer, told KTLA-TV that he saw the suspect allegedly lighting one fire and attempting to start another.

"I saw him turn the trash can on fire," Mejia told a KTLA reporter. "After that, he walked toward my equipment and tried to set it on fire."

Mejia explained that Arrington attempted to set two fuel tanks on the mobile washer aflame but he chased the suspect away.

Eventually the heroic sidewalk washer apprehended Arrington and waved down a passing police cruiser. Los Angeles police say they detained the suspect and turned him over to the arson experts for questioning.

Arrington's bail was set at $75,000 according to KTLA.


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