Hollywood arson fires continue, spread to the Valley

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Hollywood arson fires continued Saturday morning, spreading to North Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley. Conflicting reports found 11 to 16 new fires started throughout the county overnight.

Officials said they were unsure if the fires were the work multiple arson suspects or if some of the fires were the work of copycats, The Los Angeles Times reports. One law enforcement source told The Times that detectives are considering that more than one arsonist is involved.

At about 7 p.m. on Friday, a fire was reported in an underground garage beneath the L.A. Fitness health club in Hollywood. Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Jaime Moore told the Times it's "very possible" that the fire was started by the same arsonist or arsonists.

Fires continued throughout the early hours of Saturday, solidifying the events as one of the worst arson rampages in recent years in L.A.

The first wave of fires hit Hollywood and West Hollywood Thursday night. They typically began in parked cars, sometimes spreading to nearby houses –including one once occupied by Doors frontman Jim Morrison.

Los Angeles police had announced Friday that they were preparing for the possibility of more fires. One official announced at an early morning press conference: "We are preparing for what may be coming tonight."

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