Honda sign is new level of corporate signage at Rose Bowl

32055 full
32055 full

A giant 5-by-42-foot Honda sign sits atop the north end of Rose Bowl. It represents a new level of corporate signage for the historic stadium, so keepers of the bowl’s traditions wanted to get it right.

The new sign is hard to miss inside the stadium, and from the outside on the 134 freeway. The Rose Bowl an 88-year-old National Historic Landmark. A much-needed $152 million renovation is underway, and some of the money to pay for that comes from major corporate sponsors, like Honda and Bank of the West.

That bank which will raise a smaller sign on the east side of the stadium. Rose Bowl sponsorship coordinator Paul Engl says the stadium’s board and the City of Pasadena were strict about the design and placement of those signs.

"They wanted them to be in striking locations, but they did not want anybody to come in to overwrite what the Rose Bowl looks like, feels like, an stands for, so proudly here in Pasadena," Engl said.

Irvine-based electronics-maker Vizio has also erected signs, but only for the Rose Bowl football game. Honda’s deal with the stadium means its sign will stay up for at least five years.

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