Last call for 4100 Bar? Environmental review begins for Sunset Junction development projects

4100 Bar

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4100 Bar and other Sunset Junction sites would be demolished in a prospective development project to add retail space, restaurants and 300 units of housing to the neighborhood.

Frost/Chaddock, the development group behind a controversial demolition last year in the Sunset Junction area of Silver Lake, has taken preliminary steps in an ambitious new plan to tear down and build on another stretch of historic neighborhood.

The LA City Planning Department was notified of the three prospective projects that would see the 4100 Bar, Sunset Pacific Motel, and additional structures, torn down and replaced with approximately 16,000 square-feet of retail space and restaurants, and over 300 housing units.

A preliminary environmental review is being preparing for the would-be projects near and along Sunset Boulevard between Santa Monica Boulevard and Bates Avenue. According to the EIR filing, the first site spans 4000-4038 Santa Monica Blvd., and includes 1069 Sanborn Avenue and 1068 Manzanita Street. Site two would take 4100 Sunset Blvd., the corresponding bar, and additional land at 1071-1089 Manzanita Street. Site three would see the demolition of the Sunset Pacific Motel and property at 4300-4308 Effie Street.

The unexpected F/C demolition of Sunset Junction storefronts last year angered residents and preservationists -- the building near the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard was the original home of the landmark gay bookstore A Different Light, and a former Red Car trolly terminal. The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Urban Design & Preservation Committee was working towards classifying the location as a historic cultural monument when it was leveled.

A spokeswoman for Councilman Eric Garcetti said, “We have told [Frost/Chaddock] that we are going to be watching…We will be looking at their efforts with an eye toward community involvement and open communication,” reports The Eastsider LA.

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