Alleged LA arsonist had newspaper clippings, mother escaped German police through hospital window

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Unusual details about Harry and Dorothee Burkhart -- the German mother and son duo facing various charges including serial arson and fraud -- continue to emerge in Los Angeles courtrooms.

It was revealed today that four months after being arrested in Germany on fraud charges, Dorothee Burkhart fled from authorities by escaping through a hospital window, according to Michael Koch, the public defender appointed to Ms. Burkhart in Frankfurt, reports the L.A. Times.

Escorted by two prison guards, Ms. Burkhart had been taken to the hospital for cardiac problems and disappeared while un-handcuffed in a restroom.

A provisional arrest warrant from Germany led to her capture in Los Angeles. At Ms. Burkhart's Dec. 29 extradition hearing, her son Harry -- arraigned yesterday on 37 felony counts of arson -- ranted profanity and anti-American sentiments, saying "F--- the United States!" or "F--- all Americans," authorities said.

Newspaper clippings about the Los Angeles arsons, and German articles about car fires near Frankfurt, were found by authorities in Harry Burkhart's apartment.

The suspected arsonist, recognized from surveillance images taken at his mother's hearing, was arrested Jan. 2 near the Sunset Strip in a van with Canadian license plates filled with fire-starting materials.

He appeared dazed and alternated between sitting and standing during his first court appearance in Los Angeles. Documents reveal both mother and son struggled with mental illness.

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