Los Angeles, it's not summer yet

chickpokipsi/Flickr/Creative Commons

A photo of Venice Beach in winter. Right? Southern California's January heat wave broke records Thursday.

Winter jacket? We think not. Southern California defied the seasons again when Thursday's heat wave broke records and had Angelenos breaking sweat. About 12 dozen places warmed up to new temperature highs, including at UCLA where it peaked at 86 degrees.

If you're tired of the sun, you're not alone. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, San Fernando Valley’s Rick Herst is disgruntled by the weather’s consistency here. "I think it sucks," he told the L.A. Daily News. "It's too hot ... we're going to sell our house and leave the state."

Herst won't be pleased by the upcoming forecast: The National Weather Service reports that the heat spell is expected to back off for the next few days, falling to a high of 69 on Saturday before rising to the upper 70s for the rest of the week. Hey, that's still leagues better than our Eastern brothers and sisters, where states like Michigan meet snow flurries while we sip on our McFlurries.

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