Preoccupied police file faulty paperwork for Occupy LA protestors, 7 cases dismissed

28009 full
28009 full

Cases filed against seven Occupy LA protesters in the Nov. 30 raid are being dismissed because of incorrect Los Angeles police paperwork.

City prosecutors filed charges against 50 of the nearly 300 protestors arrested Downtown in the tent city raid in November.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, six of the first 26 cases listed the incorrect arresting officer on the arrest sheet. The cases were dismissed voluntarily. The seventh dismissal was due to a similar problem: an incorrectly listed officer's name appearing on a report.

Said Chief Deputy City Attorney William Carter, "The system has a few wrinkles that the LAPD needs to work out."

The 19 remaining cases from the first wave of prosecutions have resulted in a combination of guilty pleas, ongoing trials, probation inquiries, and hearings on parole issues.

24 additional cases are set to occupy Los Angeles courtrooms in late January.

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