Police remove more evidence from apartment of man whose body parts were found near Hollywood sign

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Officials took boxes of evidence from the Los Angeles apartment of a retired Mexicana Airlines employee whose head, hands and feet were found last week next to a hiking trail near the iconic Hollywood sign.

Detectives spent hours Saturday in the third-floor Hollywood apartment of 66-year-old Hervey Medellin, a retired Mexicana Airlines employee, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Lauren Kornberg, a dog walker, noticed one of her nine animals digging as they strolled Bronson Canyon Park. It found a plastic grocery bag containing Medellin's head Bronson Canyon Park. The head was in a plastic grocery bag.

"Even as we got closer, we still couldn't say for sure whether it was ... real, until my mom was literally about a foot away, face to face, and could see bloody hair and eyeballs and eyelashes and gasped and said 'It's real, oh my god, it's real,'" Kornberg told the Madeleine Brand show last week.

Later Medellin's hand was found by Indiana Bones, a specially trained cadaver dog, and later the other hand and his feet were discovered.

A neighbor who lives on the second floor of the apartment building told the Times he heard screaming and yelling on the floor above him about three weeks ago.

Police have announced no arrests and named no suspects.

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