CSU trustees to vote on top executives' pay

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At a meeting in Long Beach on Wednesday, California State University trustees are set to debate and vote on changes to system executives’ pay.

Pay for top university officials has been a hot button topic for a year. Cal State’s president has said he’s eager to keep compensation on par with public and some private institutions. That way the system can attract the best administrators to the largest public university system on the nation.

However, student and faculty union activists say that can't be CSU's highest priority. Funding cuts have led to tuition increases, cuts in course offerings, and instructor pay freezes.

For more than six months, trustees have debated issues such as pay caps and supplementing executive pay from sources outside the public university.

A meeting on executive pay was supposed to be held in December but trustees cut it short when protesters attempted to rush the room, breaking a glass door. The protest resulted in several arrests, injured police officers, and damage to the Cal State headquarters entrance.

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