SoCal Edison to hold public forum on wind response

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Southern California Edison customers have an opportunity to comment on how the Rosemead-based utility responded to windstorms last winter. The State Public Utility Commission is holding a hearing at Temple City High School on Thursday from 4 to 9 p.m.

Thrashing winds beginning in late November eventually cut the power for 440,000 Edison customers, some of whom had to wait a week for the lights to come back on.

As a result, regulators from the state’s Public Utility Commission are probing Edison’s response and the safety concerns it provoked in the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding communities.

More than a hundred homeowners and businesses in the region have taken out applications for emergency recovery loans. Damage estimates for towns, cities and Los Angeles County top $34 million — that’s downed trees and power lines, debris cleanup and loss of electric service, just for the public sector.

Edison says it has brought in specialists who can advise utility managers on what to do better next time they face hurricane-force winds.

While the Public Utility Commission is seeking formal comment for its investigation of Edison, the utility also will be on hand to take informal complaints about its windstorm response.

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