San Fernando interim police chief investigated for 'fixing tickets'

Image from YouTube video shows officer and driver getting ticket.

Fixed ticket

San Fernando Police Dept

The document filed by interim San Fernando Police Chief Jeff Eley that resulted in the dismissal of a traffic ticket received by an aide to Rep. Howard Berman.

San Fernando's interim police chief is under investigation following allegations that he fixed a ticket for a congressional aide, according to city officials.

Lt. Jeff Eley was placed on leave Jan. 19 as the LA County Sheriff's Department investigates the matter, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Nov. 23 ticket did not arrive at the courthouse in time for a Jan. 4 hearing and the citation was dismissed, said City Manager Al Hernandez.

The ticket was issued to Rep. Howard Berman's aide, Fred Anthony Flores, for running a stop sign.

A video of the ticket being issued surfaced on the Internet, with dramatic music and opening titles decrying deception and corruption:

Eley and Flores could not be reached for comment.

The investigation is the latest episode in a series of embarrassing incidents for San Fernando's local government.

Last month, the city's mayor Mario Hernandez declared his love for fellow council member Maribel De La Torre at a city meeting—all while his wife sat in the front row, aghast.

When Hernandez' wife stood to deny his claims that they had been separated since June, he tried to have her removed from the meeting by police.

Other City Hall scandals include a teenage cadet's claim that she was fired for having an affair with the former police chief and an investigation into a councilwoman's alleged affair with a police sergeant.

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