LA-based Jewish foundation offers $200,000 in grants to promote financial literacy and for vets

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The Los Angeles-based Jewish Community Foundation is setting aside $200,000 to help veterans as they return from Iraq and Afghanistan and to promote financial literacy for women, teenagers and immigrants.

"With tens of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans returning home, the Foundation believed it was vitally important to focus several of our [grants] on alleviating the difficulties so many of these dedicated soldiers face in reintegrating into society," said Marvin Schotland, president and CEO of the Foundation in a statement.

The money will be divided among 11 nonprofits that help ease returning vets back into mainstream society. This includes Adopt-a-College, which provides counseling and access to support groups of veterans at six community colleges, as well as the Military Families Program which helps children and spouses handle the stress of having a family member deployed.

"We hope that this program will serve as a pilot for similar efforts around the nation," said Military Family Programs Director Dorinda Silver Williams, adding that she hopes the grants will "promote long-term community capacity to foster resilience in young children in these families."

The Jewish Community Foundation is one of the largest foundations in Southern California. It distributed some $54 million in grants in 2010 alone.

Correction: The original version of this story said that the grants were financial literacy grants for veterans, but the grants for veterans and for financial literacy are actually separate. Also, Marvin Schotland's name was initially misspelled.

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