Many Partnership for LA Schools classrooms don't have computers, Smart Boards

File: A student writes on a Smart Board.
File: A student writes on a Smart Board.

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For many classrooms, "Smart Boards" and computers are the ground floor of their technology arsenal. Many classrooms in the 22 schools run by the Partnership for L.A. Schools don’t have these tools.

The Partnership’s chief academic officer Colleen Oliver said the partnership’s spent more than $3 million to deliver more technology to classrooms.

"We’re rolling out at various stages across all 22 of our schools this year," Oliver said, "additional supports for students and teachers in the area of math and English language arts, primarily reading."

Partnership officials say many students lag because they don’t have fast Internet connections at home. The partnership says it’s working with neighborhood groups near its schools in Boyle Heights, Watts and South L.A. to make sure more students gain access to the school learning programs.

Wednesday is national Digital Learning Day. Classrooms across the country are observing it by displaying the ways they promote instruction with electronic technology.