Community redevelopment agencies end, South LA community members worry about housing project

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Wednesday marks the end of California’s community redevelopment agencies — organizations that helped build affordable housing projects. Gov. Jerry Brown cut the agencies to help balance the state budget.

The nonprofit Trust South L.A. is urging more support from Brown. Employees rallied in front of a vacant lot on Vermont Avenue across from the University of Southern California. Neighborhood leaders had planned to build 55 homes there for low-income families, but now they’re worried that the project will dissolve.

“Everyone’s not rich," said Martia Sterling, a caterer who lives in an apartment down the street. "Everyone doesn’t have it well. So those that are low to moderate families, we need to make sure we look out for them as well. We are still taxpayers and we have to be supported as well, you know?”

The state Senate planned to review a bill Wednesday that provides $1.4 billion to cities for low-income housing. The state Assembly passed the bill Tuesday as a way to fill some of the gaps the governor’s budget cuts created.

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