Long Beach Rep. Laura Richardson faces more ethics allegations

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Political website Politico is raising new allegations of ethics violations by Democratic Congresswoman Laura Richardson from Long Beach. Richardson is accused — again — of using government employees for political purposes.

The latest claims are that Congresswoman Richardson directed staffers to work on redistricting issues, such as researching demographics for areas outside her district and organizing a meeting for community leaders just before a meeting of the Citizens Redistricting Commission. The House Ethics Committee has already investigated allegations that she’d ordered aides to work on her political campaign while on the government dime.

Both activities violate House rules. The Politico story refers to anonymous sources who say they were assigned “official government activity that they later found out was for a political end.”

A lawyer for Congresswoman Richardson tells KPCC the allegations are “groundless” and says that because the Ethics Committee hasn’t issued any recommendations, conclusions or findings of any kind, it would be “inappropriate to engage in a debate with these sources.”

Melanie Sloan, head of the Center for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington tells KPCC Richardson "never learns" when it comes to improper use of government resources. "Her problems are endless."

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