Major airlines all hike fares, led by discount providers like Southwest and JetBlue

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33916 full

JetBlue and Southwest Airlines kicked off this latest round of fare hikes, raising prices by as much as $10 on many round-trip flights. And, quick as you can say, “turn off all electronic devices,” United, Delta, American and U.S. Airways followed the leaders and raised their fares, too.

The increases come barely a week after JetBlue added five bucks to the price of many West Coast flights.

Industry-watchers say ticket prices went up 11 times last year, and there’s no end in sight, presumably because oil prices keep climbing.

Jet fuel accounts for a third of an airline’s total costs.

"It is pretty clear airlines will continue to try to recoup fuel increases regularly this year, with passengers telling carriers exactly when the price of middle seats has stepped over the line," Rick Seaney, CEO of, told the Seattle Times.

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