Handful of demonstrators seeks to draw attention to Honduras prison fire

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A handful of demonstrators turned out Friday afternoon outside the Honduran consulate on Wilshire Boulevard to call attention to the more than 300 deaths at a prison fire this week in Honduras.

The demonstrators pointed out this is the third prison fire in Honduras in the past decade that resulted in mass deaths.

"Over 375 people were burned to death in the Comayagua prison in Honduras," said Alex Sanchez, executive director of the gang violence prevention nonprofit Homies Unidos. "Many people had been in this prison without being charged with a crime or prosecuted. Over 51 percent of the people out of the 800 people in the prison were not convicted."

One of the victims was reportedly a 20-year-old who had lived in Los Angeles and was deported to Honduras five months ago.

In Honduras, hundreds of family members were camped outside the morgue to wait for the release of the remains.

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